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If you ever wanted LotRProject posters, there’s good news!

To new and established Tolkien fans alike, we have to admit that there has probably been a somewhat frustrating point in our journeys into Middle-earth where we wished that there were visual guides right in front of us to help keep track of the extensive history of Tolkien’s world.

Oloris Publishing has teamed up with Emil Johansson of famed The Lord of the Rings Project to produce selected posters of his wonderfully detailed creations. The Timeline of the Elves  and Timeline of the One Ring are must-have visual companions for readers both seasoned fans and those new to the legendarium alike. In celebration of the film adaptation of The Hobbit, Johansson will also be making Character Mentions in The Hobbit available through Oloris Publishing at a later date. The fans who enjoy the lighter side of Tolkien have not been forgotten either — LotRProject’s Gandalf’s Gear poster will also soon be out.

Whether as an aesthetic addition to your wall or as something helpful as you peer up your copy of the books, these posters would make an excellent addition to your Tolkien collection. Or, let’s be honest about it, you don’t really need a real reason to get these or to add them to your wishlist. ;)

~ Stephanie, Community & Web Director at Oloris Publishing

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